Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pink on Pink Chevrons

So, I swear my life has been taken over by my wedding planning the last few weeks. (Well, actually the last few MONTHS but we are currently in the process of booking our room block, which means invites are being mailed out soon, which means I need to make the invites since I'm going the DIY route!) The designing process on photoshop literally took hours of resizing, test printing and cutting, overanalyzing which fonts looked the best (let me tell you- that website is WAY too many fonts, haha!). Long story short. They are not done yet but the designing is - so now it's the manual labour left, and I took a much needed break to do something more exciting to my nails than I have been over the last week! 

Products Used
OPI Passion
OPI Manicurist of Seville
MoYou London Fashionista 05
Cheeky Gemstones
China Glaze Fast Forward

I ordered this chevron plate at Christmas, and still haven't unwrapped the blue plastic until today! I actually wanted to do a gradient stamp but it wasn't working the the other polish I chose so I decided to save that for another day. (side note- i just can NOT get MDU to work for me, so I'm destashing them). Passion is a very sheer soft pink, but I think it looks really sophisticated as a base for the bolder stamping colour. I received Passion and the cheeky gems in my canuck swap package. I'm in LOVE with those gems, there are so many great shapes in the wheel!

Are you a DIY kinda gal (or guy) or do you like other people to do the legwork for you?

xo Shawna

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