Thursday, April 16, 2015

Matte Coral & Gold

I wanted something simple since I spent a good chunk of my polishing time tonight painting 150 thumb tacks to make my own dragon egg. (Try explaining whah a dragon egg is to the cashier to michaels- not easy!) I settled on a simple slanted french tip using nail vinyl guides. (I'm launching my very own vinyl shop soon so stay tuned!). I actually hated it at first (the colours) so I tested my new nyc matte top coat and voila- love!

Products Used
essie tarte deco
Loreal Because I'm Worth It
NYC Matte You Crazy
Straight Vinyls 

So simple and classy. This matte TC is way better than the China glaze which was previously using!

Are you a matte fan?
Xo Shawna 

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