Friday, August 15, 2014

my nail polish stash

So I decided it would make sense to take stock of my collection to get a better idea of exactly what colours I have (and therefore, which I will need to round out the colour wheel for my nail art - I'm after grey and turquoise next!). Normally this storage bin just has all the bottles chucked in haphazardly, and things get buried at the bottom.. The other night I really wanted silver glitter and thought I didn't have any, but I found a mini bottle in there!

This is the whole collection, including 50 shades (that includes the glitters, etc), 7 base & top coats and nail treatments, one bottle of caviar, feathers, a set of nail wraps and my implements. I also have a bunch of nail decals in the mail from the born pretty store

A close up of all the colours. Mostly OPI & China Glaze, with a sprinkling of Color Club minis, L'Oreal, and a few random brands. 

These are my favourite shades in rotation. 

And all my nail treatments. My sister has just claimed my China Glaze top coat since she ran out, and I clearly have more than enough. 

What does your collection look like? Do you know how many colours you have?


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  1. Shawna, you have had a stash of nail polish for as long as I can remember... lol

  2. 750 and counting....I keep them in those plastic drawers with the three drawers. Buying two more next month cause I out of room and my new hauls are all on top.

    1. Myishia - wow!! I'm probably triple this now, about 150+. I have a drawer system now thats already exploding!


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