Thursday, August 14, 2014

silver & roses nail stamping manicure

So, after my MoYou plates arrived last night I immediately set to work practicing. My first few attempts weren't great until I remembered reading somewhere it helps to prep a new stamper by lightly buffing the surface with a nail file. So, I did that and voila! Stamping magic was happening. I had a really hard time not only choose which image(s) to stamp for my first mani, but which colours. I settled on using my new shade "Butterfly Kisses" by L'Oreal (as pictured in yesterday's post) and stamping with my Sally Hansen "Hi-Ho Silver" that you may remember from my galaxy nails

Silver & Roses Stamping Manicure

I used two rose patterns from the MoYou Pro Plate 04 and alternated nails. One is a rose pattern and the other is the same pattern in the negative. 

Silver & Roses Stamping Manicure

It's really hard to capture the details with the silver being so reflective, but I love the way it turned out. The roses seem really delicate in the pink and silver shades. 

Silver & Roses Stamping Manicure

And of course, I topped it off with my new HK Girl topcoat. It's too early to make and solid judgements, but it definitely dried fast and didn't get any imprints when I went to bed later. (Conversely, I just had to chuck my old bottle of Seche as it's completely gummed. I considered buying a replacement bottle since I found it for about $6 at Winners, but decided it was unnecessary with having HK Girl). 

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Images by Freepik