Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nail Mail - MoYou London Stamping Plates!

So I've gone a little overboard the past week or two with online shopping, since I discovered the world of nail art and stamping specifically! The packages have already started to roll in. I'm really impressed with the shipping times of nail polish canada and MoYou London! I also snagged some awesome deals on L'Oreal polish at best buy online of all places, half of which shipped super quick and oddly the other half I'm still waiting for.

nil mail moYou stamping & loreal

Here are the goodies! Top to bottom I have HK Girl Top Coat, which was shipped for free from Nail Polish Canada. It cost few dollars more than purchasing directly from the buyer, but the free shipping more than made up for the difference since I only wanted the one item. I've just used it for the first time so I don't have an opinion yet (other than it does seem to dry quickly!) but loads of other nail bloggers and 'grammers have raved about it, so I jumped on board. The L'Oreal polishes are Orange You Jealous, Butterfly Kisses and Because You're Worth It. I got 4 MoYou plates from different collections, as well as the XL double sided stamper. I think for my nail length, the XL is unnecessary but I liked the double sided-ness - it let me work back and forth before cleaning each side, so the stamping process seemed to flow more smoothly. Check out the plates up close. They are gorgeous!

MoYou London Nail art Stamping Plates

Explorer Collection 21 

MoYou London Nail art Stamping Plates

Princess Collection 09 

MoYou London Nail art Stamping Plates

Pro Collection 04 

Tourist Collection 21

MoYou London Nail art Stamping Plates

I'm curious to receive my stamper from the born pretty store, (affiliate link) to see how the firmer one compares to the squishy XL stamper. What stamping plates and stampers have you tried? What's your favourite brand?



  1. Absolutely stunning stamp choices

  2. Thanks! It was so hard to choose. I wanted them all by my wallet can't handle it!


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