Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Polish My Life Swatches

A few weeks ago, indie polish maker Polish My Life had a free shipping weekend so i was all over it! Especially since her speciality is my favourite finish - cremes.  I exercised restraint and only purchased two shades - a lovely pale nude, Nude Lace, and a gorgeous soft greyish blue, Storm Clouds.  Take a look!

My Nails Did: Polish My Life swatches

I am IN LOVE with this indie. The formula is great and looks fantastic in only 2 coats- the other indies I've tried so far, albeit gorgeous, are much thinner and take a lot of layering to achieve opacity. Not to mention, the COLOURS! I've actually been wanting pretty much these exact shades before I even knew about PML. 

My Nails Did: Polish My Life swatches "Storm Clouds"
Storm Clouds
I haven't done a direct comparison, but this reminds me of my Ciate mini in Chinchilla. I was debating buying the full size bottle at Winners, which was the same price as this baby. I eventually decided against it, and I am glad because this is SO much better! 

My Nails Did: Polish My Life swatches "Nude Lace"
Nude Lace
I have a darker nude/tan polish and was after something lighter yet still opaque. I had a few fails, purchasing shades I thought would look like this but turned out very sheer, with VNL (visible nail line) even after multiple coats. Nude Lace is perfect!

Definitely recommend this indie seller. If you follow her on IG, she occasionally advertises sales as well so check her out! 

xo Shawna

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