Monday, December 1, 2014

Barry M and Water Decal Orchids

When my friend Kelly told me she was going to England for her honeymoon, I started dreaming about getting my hands on some Barry M. I figured rather than sending her from drugstore to drugstore hunting down colours, and not finding them, I'd save her the hassle and order online! I had them shipped to her grandmas house, easy peasy. Except the part where my computer kept autocorrecting the county name... Oh well! Also, please excuse the picture quality, my camera just wasn't doing well with the available light for some reason tonight. 

Tonight I finally got them in hand! (Scroll all the way for a pic). Sadly I had just broken a nail (AGAIN) so I chopped my nails into little nubbins. I already miss my almond shorties and feel kinda weird without them! Funny how such a thing grows on you. I decided on some simple nail art tonight and used some water decals from born pretty store. 

Products used 
Barry M Coconut
Barry M Purple Countess
HK Girl Top Coat (except on accent)
Born Pretty Store Orchid Water Decals (use SDPX31 to save 10%!)

While the process of applying water decals takes about the same time as stamping, clean up is certainly easier! I think these designs are so pretty and I'm glad I could fit them onto my nubbins. 

Here's a macro of purple countess - a textured polish. I'm in love! 

Have you tried water decals before? 

xo Shawna

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