Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Born Pretty Store Reviews

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I was kindly sent a few products from Born Pretty Store to review! I had actually selected a few different items originally, but sadly the first package went missing in the post. Alice was nice enough to let me select new items, and luckily the second package made it to Canada without a hitch! There were so many great items to choose from, and I had a tough time narrowing it down - but here is what I settled on! (Don't forget if you use my coupon code SDXP31, you will save 10% on regularly priced items!)

Firstly I was excited to try out the "Nail Art Polish Pen" in white.  

I started with a base of Daily Hues Nail Lacquer in New Beginnings 2015, and doodled on a lace half-moon design using the pen. You need to shake well and then pump the tip a few times to get the polish flowing. I found the pen works best for creating thicker lines, as you have to go over the lines a second time to get it looking nice and solid. So, for basic lines this pen will do the trick, however for intricate designs you will be better off using one of their finer nail art brushes! 

Second for review today are the "Ultrathin Square Matt Glitter" in silver. 

I used the Daily Hues prototype I received with my order (no name, but in my mind I've dubbed it Elsa!) as my base. At first glance, I thought these squares (they're 3mm) would be too wide and flat for my curvy nail beds. However I was happy to see that after a few coats of top coat, the edges don't seem to snag and catch as much. 

I do recommend using a couple generous coats of a quick drying top coat to ensure they won't go anywhere! I also think almond shaped nails are not the best to work with these squares, but squared or even more rounded nails would look best with this shape. I liked the look a lot more than I thought after seeing them in the little storage pot. They catch the light for a super blinged out look. I think these would be best for one-night wear for a fun night out! 

Are you a born pretty addict like I am? Don't forget to use my code SDXP31 next time you shop :)

xo Shawna

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