Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NYC Peel Off Base Coat

Yesterday I shared my latest find on my Instagram page- NYC Peel Off Base Coat! It generated huge response, most of which was asking how to use it and if it works! So I tested it out for you, my dear readers and prepared a short video to show you the results! (*sorry the video did not work before... it should be ok now!)

I had heard it could take ages to dry, but it only took a few minutes. (It's still slightly opaque when dry). I used Funky Fingers in Jawbreaker as the test control since last time I used it, it was a serious pain to remove. 

I wore it all day and there were no chips or anything! I should note I wear gloves at work, so it can be hard on my manis! 

Removal was easy as you can see. The glitter popped off in one piece with minimal manipulation.

Edited to add:
- polish must be dried fully for easy removal. (It did not work when I tried after half an hour. I'm talking s regular day's wear before removing. )
- proper removal will not damage your nails at all!

I highly recommend this product and its an amazing steal- it only only $1.77 at Walmart! Go get some ladies, this will change your life!

xo Shawna

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