Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Colour Block Mani

Good evening ladies! It's been a hectic week getting back into the swing of things at home after vacation. So, this mani was actually painted on Tuesday night but I only just got around to photographing and blogging it (late!) tonight - hope you'll forgive me :) The nice thing about posted a worn-around-town mani is I've already gotten multiple compliments on the nail art so I'm feeling good about it!

I'm not much of a Halloween fan at all (as much as I love the amazing Halloween themed manis I've seen from other bloggers and instagrammers!). I've never been excited about dressing up. So, orange and black nails are about as Halloween as it gets for me! I've seen this nail art design quite a bit but most recently My Mint Nails posted a lovely pink variation, which inspired my recreation with some seasonally coloured polishes. At first I attempted using scotch tape for the lines but they still weren't perfect (see: wobbly black lines) so I just freehanded the silver. The next day I received my striping tape in the mail! This silver is stunning but its definitely a mess to clean up. The acetone was basically dissolving it so some of the black shows through. There's also some polish wear at the tips as this mani is a few days old- oops! It's actually wearing quite well considering I wear gloves and work with my hands, thanks to HK Girl Top Coat :)

Colours used:
Loreal Orange You Jealous?
Wet n' Wild Black Creme
Sally Hansen Hi-Ho Silver
HK Girl Top Coat

So- are you a Halloween fan or is it not a big deal for you?

xo Shawna

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