Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MTL swatches

I had a lazy night in tonight, just relaxing and trying to fight off the impending cold I am absolutely SURE will come before I jet off to Cuba this weekend. So- I finally got around to finishing my swatches from MTL creations! I've got a post packed full of pics for you tonight.

My Nails Did: MTL swatches "Mia"

Mia is a lovely lavender purple with holo glitter in it. This is 4 coats.

My Nails Did: MTL swatches Sam

Sam the Shifter is a green thermal that shifts to a darker green when cold. I think my body chemistry works against thermals, this is my second polish and both took a while in the water bath to achieve change! The above is pictured when warm/ room temperature. 4 coats.

My Nails Did: MTL swatches Sam

Sam (cold). I couldn't work the camera fast enough to get a proper pic! (Hence why my fingers are all wet in the picture)

My Nails Did: MTL swatches Lafayette

Lafayette is a sheer grape purple with a little bit of shimmer. 4 coats. 

My Nails Did: MTL swatches Jason

Jason is a black shade with holo and some blue/green glitters. I don't generally wear black on it's own the but sparkle adds a little something and would be a great base for nail art. This is 3 coats (no top coat) - would be nice and smooth after a coat of HK Girl!

My Nails Did: MTL swatches Tara

Tara is a pink glitter topper. Left to right is one coat, two coats, three coats, four. Safe to say with 3 coats and on you're entering serious glitter bomb territory - I can't wait to layer this over one of my pink cremes for some gorgeousness!

Hope you enjoyed the swatches!

xo Shawna

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