Friday, November 7, 2014

Blue Plaid for Nail Art November

I am I love with today's mani. If I could get a bottle of nail polish for every time I said that...
Today is a combo of two challenges, nail art November (the theme is "plaid") and the twinkie nails art challenge, which the theme is "colour chosen by significant other". I knew without asking (but asked anyways!) that my fiancĂ© would choose blue, and sure enough he did. I had a lot of fun creating this look, and while it was simple enough, it was a tad time consuming! Good thing I had the night off. 

Colours used:
Ciatè Chinchilla (base)
China Glaze Up All Night
Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
Sally Hansen Hi-Ho Silver
Finger Paints Striper Hip Hip Hue-Ray
HK Girl Top Coat
Striping Brushes from eBay

I love the monochrome colour palette with the pops of white and silver. 
Please excuse the state of my cuticles, I did my clean-up in low lighting late last night and mistakenly thought I did a decent job. Oops!

Hope you love it!

xo Shawna

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